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Spiritual Direction

An important aspect in the life of every person is the continuing development of a personal relationship with God. Throughout the history of the Christian Church, spiritual direction has been a relationship between what the Celtic Church knew as a Soul Friend, and the person.  By means of this relationship an individual's relationship with God is enhanced. The form that this direction takes is determined by a process of discernment between the director and directee as they seek God together.

Christian Psychotherapy

St. David’s Anglican Church utilizes The Institute for Christian Psychotherapy & Spiritual Formation as a referral source for deeper counseling needs, intensive spiritual direction, and training in the areas of psychotherapy and spiritual formation.  For more information, call 415-378-6825 or leave a message at


Knowledge of one's faith an integral aspect of all of our spiritual lives. Through Sunday morning classes, Saturday seminars, and Tuesday night meetings we explore the scriptures, tradition, and important aspects of the Christian life. 

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