What's Happening This Week at St. David's?

Weekly Schedule

                   9:00 am       Class
                 10:00 am       Mass
Tuesday    5:00 pm      Confession (office)
                    6:00 pm      Evensong (office)
                    7:00 pm      Class
Thursday  5:30 pm      Rosary (office)
                    6:00 pm      Evensong (office) 
Please check the current calendar to confirm these activities; on certain weeks they are cancelled.

Sunday Morning Study

Walking Through the Bible

In this class we first observe how to approach and to read Scripture. We then focus on an overview of each book of the Bible with the intent that by the conclusion of this study the student will have a broad, but comprehensive, understanding of both the Old and New Testaments.

Tuesday Evening Study

The Pivotal Players Series

Each session begins with a video portraying one the heroes of the faith, people Bishop John Barron refers to as Pivotal Players.  The session concludes with a conversation about what we have viewed and learned. 


You’ll discover the places where St. Thomas Aquinas lived, learned, and wrote; visit the countryside where St. Francis gathered a group of friars and revived the Church; see the places where St. Catherine of Siena ministered and prayed; trek through England to where St. John Henry Newman and G.K. Chesterton left their mark and sparked an English Catholic revival; and through unprecedented HD footage, marvel at the extraordinary art of Michelangelo, from his David statue in Florence, to the Pietà at St. Peter's, to the Sistine Chapel. 


From there, you’ll explore St. Augustine’s captivating narrative of personal transformation in Christ; learn how St. Benedict contributed more to saving Western culture than anyone else in history; experience Fulton Sheen’s pioneering of Catholic evangelization through the media; enter into Flannery O'Connor shocking, convoluted, funny, violent, and profoundly influential stories; uncover the roots of St. Ignatius’ world-changing Jesuit order and Spiritual Exercises; and discover Bartolomé de las Casas’ passionate advocacy for human dignity and justice.

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